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It all started when William Beach established Beach’s Bakery fresh from combat in World War 1, he returned home to Derbyshire to follow his dream of owning his own bakery. With a small family loan, a derelict building and a burning ambition he worked tirelessly to create a professional bakery. The business was opened to the public in 1920.

William spent years perfecting his craft and was able to create recipes for delicious bread and cakes that are still used in the bakery to this day. Beach’s Bakery was passed down through the family to the current 4th generation of master bakers.

Beach’s Bakery has always been a traditional yet innovative company. Always investing in the best technology to improve the service and products that they product. After testing new products in the industry it was quickly realised that edible photos have immense potential in the market for the great effects that they give.

In Year 2000 EatYourPhoto.co.uk Was Born

EatYourPhoto was born with the aim of making edible photos available to everyone. We quickly realised that this was very popular for people making personalised cakes at home and went from strength to strength, you are now looking at the 5th edition of our website.

We're a family bakery at heart

From starting with the a single personalised product, our edible photos, we now like to think of EatYourPhoto.co.uk as “The Home of Photofectionery” with 20+ products to personalise online and delivered fast. Including EatYourPhoto exclusive products such as personalised chocolate pop ups, chocolate picture frames, personalised canvas cake and even edible caricatures!

We still sell our edible photos and use the best quality icing sheets, our print quality is unbeatable and the level of personalisation is more than you can imagine.

EatYourPhoto operates from Beach’s Bakery and we work closely together to manage high quality and speedy order processing. If you have any more queries we would be happy to help, please email us on our contact form or call us on 01773 602249.

Princess Canvas Cake Example
Personalised photo cake with red ribbon

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