How to Use Edible Photos

You’ve received your edible photo, brilliant! Now you need to know how best to apply it to your cake that’s waiting for decoration.

First and foremost, check your edible photo that it is what you were expecting and cover your cake. We recommend either fondant icing or buttercream. Fondant icing will be ready to go once applied but buttercream will need to dry and form a crust. In the meantime, let’s get your cake topper ready.

Keep your edible photos in the sealed packaging that they arrive in for as long as possible, if your using multiple sheets, take out one and leave the rest in the bag until you need them.

Removing Your Edible Photo

How to remove an edible photo from its backing.

As shown in the video above simply fold the backing sheet away from the edible photo, the topper will pop from its backing and break the seal between the two.

If you’ve tried this and the topper will not come away easily, its more than likely due to humidity. Firstly, place your edible photo in the freezer for about 20-25 seconds with the door shut.

When you take out the edible photo it should feel noticeably harder than before and immediately try again to remove the topper from its backing, any time in between will make the edible photo go soft again in its environment. 9 times out of 10 your topper will start to come away at this point, if it does so but not all, just try again until it is fully removed.

Once you have broken the seal to it’s backing sheet it is done. You can place the edible photo back onto the plastic, it will not stick again.

If when you take the topper out the freezer it is not hardening, it is soft and not coming away we need to use a different method. We can try to dry the topper with a hairdryer, use your lowest heat and power setting and focus on the edges of your topper. This method will take slightly longer but eventually will dry out the moisture in the topper and it will come away from the backing sheet.

Once the topper starts to come away from the backing sheet, if at any point while your pulling it away from the backing sheet it gives any resistance do not continue to pull the topper as it will tear. Pause and dry out that area, as you’ve dried it already this won’t take long. Your topper will come off.

Why Does This Happen? – How To Prevent It

Like when using any icing in baking humidity causes issues. In the same way our edible toppers stick to your cake, when there is moisture in the air the topper will stick to its backing sheet. This is why we try to either freeze the moisture that its absorbed or dry it.

How to prevent it:

  1. Ensure that the edible photo is kept sealed in the packaging it arrives in.
  2. Keep away from moist air such as a window, refrigerator or kitchen.
  3. Order within two week of you needing to use the topper.
  4. Don’t take the edible photo out of the packaging until you need to use it.

Why Don’t We Make Different Toppers?

If you’re reading this post you’re likely struggling to apply your topper. This case is only during the worse conditions, through dry months there is no issues at all when the steps mentioned above are followed. We still think our toppers are the best available, why?

EatYourPhoto edible photos are pure icing sheets, there are no chemicals or harmful additions when making the product they’re also very low on calories (5 – 40). Our edible photos will not take the taste away from your beautiful cakes and will not be noticeable while eating. When applied to white fondant your topper will look like your design is printed directly onto the cake and you can even pipe around the edged to fool the beady eyed. You can also easily cut and trim the topper before you apply it to your cake to create any effect.

We also use specifically made printers, built for edible ink printing at 5760×1440 DPI. Your print quality will be second to none. Your topper will create a fantastic cake and we dispatch the same working day. This is why is trusted by hundreds of bakers across the UK and EU.

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