Simple Cake Decoration with Edible Photos [How to]

How to Use Edible Photos

So, you’ve got the task of making a celebration cake for an occasion and they’d love a picture of the family, their favourite singer or the funny pic from last year. You need to know how to simply decorate a cake with edible photos.

Firstly you need to know what size should the cake be and where would you like the edible photo to go. To help with this draw around your cake tin on a piece of paper, now you can roughly draw and measure how you’d like to decorate.

After this, you will have an understanding of what size and shape edible photo you will need, find an image that is a roughly similar shape and order your edible photo online.

Use EatYourPhoto to easily design your edible photo online or have us make one for you. EatYourPhoto uses only quality icing sheets that don’t take away the taste from your cake and are quick to apply.

Now to Decorate the Cake

By now you’ve already told everyone how amazing it will be, baked your cake and received your edible photo. Now let’s decorate.

We recommend to apply edible photos to royal/fondant roll out icing, other methods can be used but the edible photo must be applied to a dry surface. For example, buttercream must be given time to dry and form a crust before applying your edible image.

Here’s a video to help with covering a cake, we suggest to give yourself excess fondant to play with when applying to your own cake rather than cutting it down beforehand.

Trimming your Edible Photo

It is possible to cut your edible photo and it’s pretty simple. You will need to do so before removing the edible photo from the baking sheet.

Simply use a sharp knife slowly with light pressure and pull away the excess carefully.

If your edible photo cracks while cutting either go slower or leave your edible photo out for a minute or so to soften up.

Applying your Edible Photo

You’ll now have a fondant covered cake, you are ready to apply your edible photo topper.

Firstly, remove your edible photo from its packaging and lift it from its backing sheet as instructed (instructions are inside the package). Next, use a brush to wet the area that the edible photo will be covering and use a paper towel to take away any excess moisture.

You will now be left with a tacky surface, perfect for your edible photo.

Lastly, carefully place your edible photo onto the area that you’ve just prepared, once it has stuck to the cake it will be difficult to remove so make sure it is lined up correctly before letting it set.

More options

The fun doesn’t stop there! There are so many things that can be done with your cake design.

Simply add a fondant photo frame to your edible photo by rolling out a level, long piece of icing and cut 4 thin strips. Apply the strips to cover the edging of the edible photo and overlap at the corners for a cool effect. This works best with rectangular or square photos.

Stand up your edible photo. Roll out icing a piece of icing and apply as mentioned above then cut out the shape of the image. Allow time for the icing to dry, usually overnight is long enough and your icing will be hard enough to lean against the front of your cake or other decoration. To stand your edible photo vertically you need two pieces of icing the same size, pressed together with cocktail sticks between sticking out halfway, push the cocktail sticks into the cake below and voila!

Add edible ribbon around the edging of your cake. See our edible ribbon post.

The Afro puff girl cake has also become very popular with showcasing an edible photo over two cake tiers and decoration over the top.

Afro puff girl cake

What will you make?

Now it’s down to you. We love to see what people create with our edible photos and we are always surprised by the new designs and ideas that you come up with.

Here are some examples of what others have made with their edible photos.

<images of customer pics>

The Video

We’re going to be recording more video tutorials soon.


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