How to Make Photo Cupcakes

What can be better than cupcakes? Cupcakes with photos on of course!

There are two methods to achieve this but first, you will need to bake your cupcakes and top them, we’ve found a good informational video on piping techniques at the bottom of this page including a rose effect.

EatYourPhoto offers two sizes for cupcake toppers 3.6cm (30 per sheet) and 5.4cm (12 per sheet). Choose which size suits your cakes best.

For the best results pick an image that suits a circular shape and keep messages short as the print is small and long messages like “Happy Birthday David, 30 Today” will be too small to read. A message like “30 Today” is more suitable and make sure there is space in the image for this. Close-up selfies for example where the whole edible photo will be their face should not have text covering their face. We also recommend for small circles (30x 3.6cm sheets) for there to be no text or half of the circles to be only text, this is for readability.

Now onto the fun stuff…

Method 1 – Applied to roll out icing, our recommended method.

There is a circular cutter required for this, we recommend 56mm circular cutter for our 12 circle sheet and a 40mm circular cutter for our 30 circle sheet. These are available in some supermarkets and all baking shops.

This is the method we use in our own bakery. If you’ve applied an edible photo to a big cake it’s the same theory. We use this method because it lifts the image up from the cupcake and makes it stand out as well as protecting the image from any moisture from a buttercream topping for example.

Check your edible photos, take some off the backing sheet ready to go for decorating. They can sit on the backing sheet afterward, just break the seal.

Roll out some icing quite thin, approx 2.5mm – 3mm thick is all that is needed.

Apply some water to the area which will have the edible photos applied to it and use a paper towel to remove the excess water. This creates a tacky surface, perfect for your edible photos to stick to.

Remove your edible photo from its packaging and place the edible photos on the area that you’ve prepared, leaving enough space in between each one to cut out. Use a circular cutter to cut out the icing with your edible photo on.

Decorate your cupcakes with frosting and place the circles you’ve just cut out on top of your cupcake buttercream.

Voila! You’ve made some beautiful photo cupcakes.

Method 2 – Applied directly to buttercream.

This is the easiest method as it doesn’t require additional roll out icing or cutters.

If an edible photo is being applied directly to the buttercream we recommend vanilla/white icing or a bright colour, dark buttercream may make your edible photo appear dark and it will not stand out.

Firstly, decorate your cupcakes as you will need to give your frosting/buttercream time to dry. Keep your buttercream mixture as smooth as possible. This will give a better effect later on.

Wait for your buttercream to dry. You will know its ready when it’s dry to touch and it has formed a crust.

Your buttercream doesn’t require any preparation like roll out icing, just place your edible photo on top. When you place the edible photo you are about to slightly push the topper into the buttercream to make the edible photo set in how you like. Do not push in too much making the buttercream to go on top of the edible photo, while it has dried it may still mark your image.

And you’re done! Beautiful photo cupcakes.

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